Spices That Heal

Today, science has helped confirm that adding herbs and spices into your daily eating habits can go a long way toward low-side effect, natural health solutions. Many of our herbs and spices that help boost our overall health are also natural antibiotics too.

Doctors Failing To Give Lifestyle Advice – Quick Read

Too rarely do doctors give their patients advice about healthy lifestyle changes. In terms of prevention, much more emphasis should be placed on this.

Hemp Flour Dairy Free Matcha Latte

A creamy and delicious dairy free matcha tea made using our Whole Plant Hemp Flour Tincture.


Drinking a smoothie as a meal replacement has become a popular trend. These drinks are typically packed full of nutrients,


A curry is a great way to mask the flavours, if that’s what you’re going for. The strong flavours of spices, herbs, and nuts that go into a curry are powerful enough to overshadow the taste.


One fabulous way to use your Hemp Flour infused oil is to make your own chips at home. These homemade Hemp Flour infused edibles are great for snacking on at night, or as a side with lunch.


Pasta is one of our favourite Hemp Flour infused edibles. Putting Hemp Flour in cheesy carbonara or a simple tomato based sauce is a great way to incorporate Hemp Flour into a savoury dish.

Hemp Flour Infused Oils

You can easily make a really versatile Hemp Flour infused oil to use in several recipes.

Hemp Flour Infused Butter

An ingredient like butter is versatile and can be added to many of your favourite savoury snacks.


Our bodies need Homeostasis, this is how Hemp Flour can help.

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