Silver Lake Hemp Relief Rollerball

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Introducing our new Silver Lake Hemp Relief Rollerball for use directly on your skin..


The rollerball is fast acting, bringing an instantly refreshing and cooling feeling onto the affected areas. After a short while, a comforting warming sensation works it’s magic across the skin.

We are proud to say that all our products are strictly GMO-free, organically farmed and natural. All our products are THC free & Gluten free.

*Suitable for Vegetarians*


All our products are made using our Whole Plant Hemp Flour, which means that we use every part of the Hemp Plant when making our products, cutting back on waste during production.
This also allows all the natural goodness held in the entire Hemp Plant to be used in our Whole Plant Hemp Flour and therefore absorbed by you when you use any product made by us, here at Hemp Relief.

Our ingredients are produced in a quality controlled food grade facility, meeting the highest of standards in both production and quality control, it’s also non-GMO and grown with love and care.

The manufacturing process makes Silver Lake’s products 17X more bio-available than any other oil-based products on the market. Typical absorption on average is very poor, however the bio-technology in the Silver Lake Hemp Relief Rollerball allows absorption to increase and become 98% bio-available to the human body so you’re getting even more goodness soaked in through your skin (and a lot less waste).

For added peace of mind, Silver Lake make sure that after running their products through the bio-technology that it is then submitted to a 3rd party testing facility to make sure the product you receive is just as amazing as you expect it to be.



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