Welcome to Hemp Relief, here you can find out a little more about who we are and what we stand for.

Natures beautiful gifts have helped us to take care of ourselves for thousands of years and are used by over 5 billion people worldwide to help enhance health and improve general wellbeing.

All our products are made using our Whole Plant Hemp Flour, which means that we use every part of the Hemp Plant when making our products, cutting back on waste during production.
This also allows all the natural goodness held in the entire Hemp Plant to be used in our Whole Plant Hemp Flour and therefore absorbed by you when you use any product made by us, here at Hemp Relief.

Our Whole Plant Hemp Flour has not been altered or manipulated and no nasties have been added. For example, if you are using our Hemp Relief Tincture, you literally receive our all natural Whole Plant Hemp Flour in our distilled water, all of which is water soluble so you can add it into your favourite drinks (and even your favourite meals). What’s not to like?

We are proud to say that all our products are strictly GMO-free, organically farmed and natural. You won’t find any added sugar (we class sugar as a nasty!) and all our products are THC free & Gluten free.

Our ingredients are all protected and lovingly handpicked by our family run farms and all our products are subjected to our strict quality control and our food grade, bio-technology laboratory process.

Our manufacturing process allows our products to be 17x more bio-available than many other oil-based products on the market. Typical absorption on average is very poor, at only around a 10% uptake in the GI tract, so 90% of what is consumed ends up becoming waste, however the bio-technology used with our Whole Plant Hemp Flour allows absorption to increase and become 98% bio-available to the human body so you are getting even more goodness inside of you (and a lot less waste).

We also make sure that all our products get 3rd party tested too. So when you buy from us, here at Hemp Relief, you know that what you are putting into your body is the gorgeous green goodness direct from our Mother Earth.

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